The production of the natural (organic) garden is promoted in kayagreen.

About a design, it is easy-to-use, and a flow line is also natural and functional. That it is in the garden is keeping in mind such a design which becomes pleasant.

About a tree shape, if it prepares to a natural form taking advantage of the normal state of being of the plant, appearance will also be made with relax.

Prevention of nature and a pest, etc. can be performed and can build the lively garden with managing how depending on which ventilation and sunlight hit.

Moreover, we think it important for the garden to manage by organic one. Agricultural chemicals and a chemical fertilizer annihilate the microbe in the ground, and weaken a plant root.
The plant which weakened serves as a target of a pest, and also sprinkles agricultural chemicals and a chemical fertilizer, and falls into the vicious circle of spoiling the ground.

Production of the garden which does not destroy an ecosystem by organic one for the health of resident.